Jamaican Illustrator Wilfred Limonious Gets Due Recognition

Jamaican Illustrator Wilfred Limonious Gets Due Recognition

In Fine Style: The Dancehall Art of Wilfred Limonious celebrates the vibrant art of Jamaican illustrator Wilfred Limonious who had a definitive role in creating the island's burgeoning dancehall aesthetic in the 80s.

As reported by The Vinyl Factory, "His vibrant work played a definitive role in the island’s emerging dancehall aesthetic, splashed across labels, record sleeves, cassette inserts and posters, providing all he touched with what CKLN Toronto radio host David Kingston has called “a stamp of authenticity that this was indeed a bona fide Jamaican product."

A recent exhibition of the same name was held recently as well, while Limonious is surely not a household name, the exhibition and this book hopes to shed more light into the Jamaican illustrator's invaluable contributions to the scene as shared by Professor Paul Gilroy of King's College London who said, "This amazing book fills in pages that have long been missing from the official history of Jamaica's popular culture. The artful, comic insights revealed in Wilfred Limonious’ drawings and designs are not only an overlooked contribution to Jamaica’s musical heritage, they are clues to the deepest layers of the island’s rebel identity."

Check out some preview images and find out more about the book at One Love Books.

Source: The Vinyl Factory, One Love Books