Adrian Younge Announces New Album 'The Electronique Void (Black Noise)'

Adrian Younge Announces New Album 'The Electronique Void (Black Noise)'

Hot off a recent gig scoring the highly anticipated Marvel Netflix series, Luke Cage, with Ali Shaheed Muhammad of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest. Adrian Younge will be releasing a new Kraftwerk-inspired album titled The Electronique Void (Black Noise).

While not shying from his cinematic scoring roots, Younge describes the central story arc of his album as about "a woman who’s been told that she’s loved, but doesn’t recognize that, can’t feel it, may have heard it all before, may be worrying about the wrong things." With an overarching theme about staying together in relationships, Younge likens his latest effort as an album about "men talking to men about women" to Lemonade which is about "a woman talking to women about men", with both albums orbiting around a central failure often taken for granted which is that loving another person is complicated.

For musical inspiration, Younge looks to electronic music pioneers Dick Hyman, Raymond Scott and Wendy Carlos for this album with his heavy use of synthesizers and early analog electronic music methods.

The album is set to drop on 23rd September. For more details, check out his Bandcamp and listen to his new track below.

Source: Okayplayer