The Music Of David Lynch -  due for double vinyl album release

The Music Of David Lynch - due for double vinyl album release

"While we wait just a little longer for the highly anticipated vinyl reissues of the Twin Peaks soundtracks, here comes The Music of David Lynch to whet your appetite.

On the evening of April 1, 2015, a stellar lineup of musicians gathered in Downtown L.A. at the Ace Hotel’s sold out The Theatre for The Music of David Lynch, a sweeping tribute to the filmmaker in celebration of the David Lynch Foundation‘s 10th anniversary. It never happened before and it will probably never happen again, but 16 highlights from that magical night have now been collected on a double vinyl album due for release on April 15, 2016.

The Twin Peaks soundtrack is prominently featured with maestro Angelo Badalamenti —joined by original Twin Peaks synthesizer player, Kinny Landrum— performing three of the show’s most renowned instrumentals; Laura Palmer’s Theme, Dance of the Dream Man and Twin Peaks Theme. There’s also Moby‘s bongo-infused and career-launching techno take on Laura Palmer’s Theme, Go, as well as Jim James‘ impassioned interpretation of Sycamore Trees, which its original composer afterwards praised as “a deeply moving performance! ... From the 15 songs on the double album, Duran Duran‘s The Chauffeur is the only track that has little to do with David Lynch —it wasn’t even part of the Duran Duran: Unstaged show he directed in 2011— but its sinister melody and lyrics certainly don’t feel out of place on this release. The album’s closing track is David Lynch himself reciting a poem of unknown origin accompanied by Donovan on guitar. " - Welcome To Twin Peaks

Track list:

LP #1

  1. Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme
  2. Donovan – Love Me Tender
  3. Chrysta Bell – Swing With Me
  4. Tennis and Twin Peaks – In Dreams
  5. Rebekah Del Rio – Llorando
  6. Sky Ferreira – Blue Velvet
  7. Jim James – Sycamore Trees
  8. Karen O – Pinky’s Dream

LP #2

  1. Angelo Badalamenti – Dance of The Dream Man
  2. Moby – Go (feat. Mindy Jones)
  3. Duran Duran – The Chauffeur
  4. Lykke Li – Wicked Game
  5. Zola Jesus – In Heaven
  6. Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips – Soundscape from Eraserhead and The Elephant Man
  7. Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme
  8. David Lynch – A Poem of Unknown Origin