AV Mix Series - Juno Jazz

AV Mix Series - Juno Jazz

Fresh from the jazz crates! Number 34 in our mix series comes from a very tasteful selector from Jakarta, known simply as Juno Jazz. He has contributed mixes for Zodiac, one of the best clubs in Jakarta, well as one for online record store and mix series Moonship Music. Here he weaves a delightful selection of soulful classic jazz and Indonesian RnB cuts together with absolute smoothness and ease. His curation is spot on and very much aligned with ours here at the Vault. Have a listen and check out the interview. 

The Analog Vault · AV034 - Juno Jazz


Hey Juno! Thanks for such a beautiful mix. How are you doing these days and what's been inspiring you? 
I'm doing well, and I hope that you and the Analog Vault team are doing well too. What has been a source of inspiration for me is the concept of collaboration.

You're a pretty new face to the shop, can you tell us a bit about how you found us and what inspired the relationship and the resulting mix?
Indeed, my introduction to Analog Vault occurred via Instagram back in 2019. From that point onward, I began tracking Analog Vault's undertakings through their Instagram updates. The assortment they offered was notably distinct from other collections I had encountered. 
Recollecting the past two months, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dylan, who was overseeing the store during that period. Our conversation naturally gravitated towards the topic of Rare Groove, resulting in a lighthearted and memorable exchange.

Tell us a bit about your music journey, how did you get started collecting music and getting involved with DJ-ing? 
Back during my elementary school days, I found myself influenced by my mother's musical preferences, particularly tunes like Incognito's "Still a Friend Of Mine" and Maliq & D'Essentials' "Heaven." These early encounters kindled my fascination for both Indonesian and UK Jazz. 
As I transitioned into college, my penchant for collecting vinyl records flourished, and I became an active participant in the expansive vinyl community. 
Through these connections, an opportunity arose for me to showcase at a vinyl-centric event. This marked the inception of my journey into the realm of Selector, where I chose to exclusively spin vinyl records as a hobby.
During my high school years, our conversations were often free-flowing, lacking a formal structure. On one occasion, my friends expressed a strong desire to experience my curated playlist. As the music played, their reactions were a delightful mix of astonishment and enthusiasm. It was at that moment they began to encourage me, suggesting that I delve into music creation. Their words echoed with sentiments like, "Why not create music?" "You have the potential to be a musician" and "Your music could resonate with everyone."
Subsequently, upon hearing about this, I began contemplating its significance in the present moment.

Your taste clearly aligns with much of the curation here at the vault. Can you tell us how you decided to approach this mix and how you went about recording it? 
From what I've gathered, these stores boast impressive vinyl selections, largely centered around Jazz and Groove genres. The moment feels ripe for me to embark on introducing Indonesian artists like Maliq, Parkdrive, and numerous others into the mix.
As I observed, numerous vinyl stores offer a wide range of genres to the market, while Analog Vault appears to cater to a more specialized audience.
We're pretty blown away by the selection on the whole, but especially so for tracks 3-5. How did you discover these gems? 
3. Maliq & D'essentials - During my visit to Japan accompanied by my mother, the radio sprang to life, serenading us with the melody of Maliq's "Heaven." The initial encounter with this tune felt akin to a lively "Funky Mellow Hotel Reunion," filling the air with a vibrant sense of nostalgia.
4. Parkdrive,- I stumbled upon this band while I was at home, immersing myself in the world of music. A simple entry of "Flight JUN Juno Jazz Funk" keywords into YouTube led me to this discovery, and I owe it to the algorithm for guiding me to this delightful find.
5. Indra Lesmana stands as a distinguished Indonesian piano maestro. Evidently, his music bears the marks of inspiration drawn from Chick Corea's compositions and the rich musical lineage of his father, the musician Jack Lesmana. My initiation into his musical realm commenced with the track "Tis Time To Part," originating from the album titled "Indra Lesmana: No Standing." It was my mother who introduced me to this album, and together, we embarked on a melodious journey by tuning into it on YouTube.
As you notice, "Mother" was all behind the scenes.

Can you tell us a bit about the vinyl culture in Jakarta and how it differs, in your opinion, from Singapore? 

As my understanding goes, culture maintains a certain universal quality, yet the essence lies in personal taste and is contingent upon each individual's passion. Authentic taste remains an inherent trait that cannot be fabricated; it resides within one's essence.

What would your ideal place/setting to DJ look like? 

My ideal setting would be CDJ, Turntables, Microphone, and Soundcard.

Are there any records on our website you'd recommend to people right now?
Penny Goodwin - Portrait Of A Woman
Daniel Bechet - Songs To My Father
Erik Tagg - Rendez-vous
Patrice Rushen - Posh
Joe Pass - For Django
Calvin Keys - Shawn Neeq

Bill Evans - Sugar Plam
Chet Baker - Swan Lake
Maliq - Menari
Parkdrive - Sekedar Cinta
Indra Lesmana - Stretch n Pause Ft. Kyriz Boogiemen, DJ Cream & Indra Aziz
DJ Cam - It’s Yours
Grace Sahertian - Honestunes
India.Arie - Chocolate High