AV Mix Series - YETPET

AV Mix Series - YETPET

The 27th mix in our series comes from a fiery new name who is no stranger to the rave, real name Gen, otherwise known simply as YETPET. Gen has been slaying dancefloors with new local collective Strange Weather, in a series of stellar events they've put on throughout the year. Brought up on a steady diet of dance music, YETPET leans strongly into a blend of bass, dancehall, techno, not techno, acid and breaks to keep listeners on their toes... and make them go 'What??? Ok yes.' 

The Analog Vault · AV027 - YETPET


Hey Gen! Your mix is off the chain! Thanks for recording such a smasher for us. How are you feeling these days?

Gen: Thanks bong! just woke up from a 10 hour nap – i can't complain. 

It's been really great to see you absolutely killing it with your collective Strange Weather. How did it all begin for you and how are you feeling about it a few parties in? 

Gen: Appreciate that ❤ I've been on the other side of the dancefloor for the most part and there's a renewed energy and an openness that i've never experienced before in Singapore. strange weather is literally nothing without the community. the artists we work with, the people who come to our parties, the friends who help us put everything together, Chris, Plako and the guys who do our sound. it's been such a blessing to be able to be a part of and grow something with people i love. feeling extremely grateful and excited for whatever comes.

Your selections are pretty wild and genre-fluid to say the least! What do you look for when you're digging for tunes?

Gen: Bass music formed my foundation, so i always find myself being drawn to that. I dig both the heavy chugging and the quick half-time percussions, and all that dirty, gritty, dubby stuff.

This is definitely one of the more party oriented mixes on our series. Was there a particular context you had in mind when you were recording this?

Gen: haha not really. maybe it was reflective of the mood i was in at the time - a little bit charged, a little bit restless but also energised at the same time.

How did you approach the mix, did you have a plan or kinda just wing it? 

Gen: I definitely had a general energy going into it but things go quite differently once you hit record. so i guess a little bit of both???

How differently do you approach mixes as opposed to gigs? 

Gen: I'm still pretty new to this all.. but i'd say the main difference is i guess the prep that goes into it beforehand. mixes are like jamming sessions and gigs I approach with more thought of what goes well together and what energy it brings.

Any records from our electronic music section you'd recommend to people?

Gen: Kiki Hitomi's Karma No Kusari.

What's on the horizon for you? That collab with Mama Magnet a couple of weekends ago was so good. 

Gen: Yeah dream team for real. Bunch of things in the pipeline for next year.. some collaborations with other collectives and artists in the region. keep it lockeeedd :)


1 Interlude (Whodunnit?) - Objekt
2 The Startup - Breaka
3 Lemon - Moktar
4 Galactic Sound Dealer - 2003
5 Kehinde - Milia Rage
6 Ishi - Muto
7 Jest - Jabes
8 Penchant Disenchantment - Isabella
9 Inspired by the True Story - M.E.S.H.
10 Rayhana - Ploy
11 Ascension - Slikback
12 Dancehall Buzz - Nsasi
13 Bug - DJ MORO
14 Breaking Shins - Milf Magnet
16 Cheve - Siete Catorce
17 Tototo (NKC Remix) - MC Bin Laden
18 Canary (feat. Cressida) - Avernian
19 Mechanical Rustle - Ayesha, Sha Ru
20 Abyssixsixsix - Loreng & Sanjona
21 Flubber - Werfol
22 Liquid Programming - Sansibar
23 Wits End - Sam Binga & Hyroglifics
24 BBL - Jiurin1l
25 Nara - Terra
26 Penincilin Duck - ZULI
27 SESH N STUFF - MCR-T & Partiboi69
28 The Underground (gwaracha mix) - Aleroj
29 Priorfest - Besançon Rythmique Club feat. Amor Satyr
30 Xereca Tool - MAJA
31 Mop Stick - Kouslin feat. Warrior Queen
32 No Rabbit No Life - Blawan
33 Loot - Le Dom
34 Latigazo - Nick León
35 Ballast - Objekt
36 Delight #3 - Amor Satyr
37 Macarena VIP - Product Toss


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