AV Mix Series - Shymon

AV Mix Series - Shymon

Big uplift on no. 33 in our series! Simon aka Shymon steps in for this one with a joyful hour of delicious cuts full of soul. Moving through a wide range of genres, from Japanese house to acid flavours and disco leanings, yet keeping the mood consistently bright all the way through. Have a listen and check out the interview below.

The Analog Vault · AV033 - Shymon

Hey Simon! Thanks for taking the time to record a mix for us. How are you going these days?

Hey! I’ve been doing well — been very inspired by the little things to do bigger things. These days, I’ve been learning to slow down and double down on the stuff that I’ve been obsessing about. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to pick up DJ-ing? 

My first love has always been dance. I guess I’ve had this very personal relationship with music ever since I was young. It was kinda like play to me. I’ve studied music on-and-off through the years until I got to play around with a friend’s controller.

I get to dance, share music that moved me, and play around — I was hooked. Sometimes the decks can be like a giant fidget toy. It makes me feel like a kid again. :)


You've been playing quite a bit here in Singapore in recent times, can you tell us a little about your gig with Dexter Colt and were there any favourite moments? 

“Moonstone had no business being this lit.” Jordan told me as the night was reaching an end.

That season, I was itching to turn a new leaf on what I was playing. So we toyed around with a b2b night at Moonstone which got a little too crazy. At one point, the bar ran out of ice! 

In your experience, how do crowds in Manila differ from crowds in Singapore how does that affect the selections people tend to make during their DJ sets? 

Honestly, I don’t see a huge difference. Everyone feels the same.

However, people express it differently, the dancing feels rawer in Manila — there’s more grit -- I think the music we make reflects this too. As much as we are a happy and festive country, we’re also one that’s very angry. There’s so much we keep inside as a nation.

Somehow we’ve managed to make it work.

What inspired this mix and were there any favourite moments or tracks along the way? 



The first song, Galawgaw is a nod to my love for cinema and theater and how it opened my eyes into the craft I love. 


What's been on your rotation when you're off the decks these days? 

I’ve circled back to an Acid House and UKG phase.

But on the opposite ends of the spectrum: Promises by Floating Points and The London Symphony Orchestra functions as a score to some pensive days.

And then Filipino bands like Pedicab and Radioactive Sago Project on days with more feelings!


Are there any records on our website that you would recommend to people? 

Malakoff Kowalski - Onomatopoetika. I personally want this for myself and wouldn’t mind sharing.


What would you like to see more of amongst our dance music community here in Singapore? 

I think it’s great where it is and where it’s going. But maybe… More Filipinos? Hahaha! 

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