AV Mix Series - Kindergarchy

AV Mix Series - Kindergarchy

Kicking off our 2022 mix series is Amanda Rizkita aka Kindergarchy with a rare all Vinyl mix. Here she takes us on a seamless journey through the realms of Ambient, Techno, Rolling Rhythms and House, a much needed flowing energy for our weekend. A music lover and a frequent friend at our store, Kindergarchy has been putting out many mixes as of late through various channels such as Norm Radio and Frekeunsi Antara. Listening to this mix makes us wonder what other hidden gems there might be in her collection :)

The Analog Vault · AV023 - Kindergarchy

1. Hi Amanda, thank you for doing a mix for us! Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you approached this mix!

It’s a pleasure! I’m a music fan and I’ve recently been obsessed with Powder’s works again - that slow, hypnotic, nimble, and rather quiet sound that somehow is still a party in your head. So that’s kind of the idea of the mix! In a way, two of her tracks here anchor it.

2. It's refreshing to hear an all Vinyl mix with all sorts of styles blended together! How does it differ to you as compared to recording with Digitals.

For me the difference begins with the buying process itself - I feel like with digital the barrier to acquiring music is rather low, so I tend to be less selective with what I buy/download. With vinyl I have a limited budget I try to stick to, so naturally I have to wait and see if I still think about the records. With digital I don’t really go through so many rounds of deliberation. I am also a very forgetful but visual person, so having seen the covers or the stickers of the records help me remember the tracks more, not to mention it makes the digging process a lot more fun.

I also like and miss digital because some records are just stupid expensive, and some music just don’t exist in a physical format. Also you get to play around a bit more easily with digital - you can skip, loop, or even edit the tracks prior. But sometimes I like the limitation because I’m forced to work with what I have, and to me a certain degree of constraints often counter-intuitively produces better results. I read a newsletter by Haley Nahman last year that summarizes this well!

3. Did you have a particular context or scenario in mind when you were selecting tunes & recording the mix?

These days I listen to mixes most when I’m on a bus, so that’s the scenario for the mix I guess. I wanted to start with some ambient & beatless pieces - one of which was among the very first few records I bought, from a bargain bin at some record shop in Osaka. And then there is what I call a monster track - a track that to me is the highlight of the mix. Here it is Igaxx’s Ugachi (Capablanca Espacio Interior Mix), I love this track a lot - such a journey! Love what the label is doing as well.

To break it up from the droning sounds I had an electro-breaks number from Animals Dancing, a great label from down under. And then the last two tracks are kind of a tribute to classic Italian Dream & Chicago house. The first time I heard that Vincent Floyd track it was an instant classic to me, it’s such a “last song” material.

4. Are there any upcoming projects you would like to plug for Kindergarchy that we can look forward to?

My next mix is gonna be for my friend’s collective, The Love Hood. They have some nice mixes there! I think mine is gonna be an ambient-ish mix? Some of the tracks come from some records that should still be available at TAV. If I end up doing something else I’ll still record an ambient mix on my mixcloud.

5. What would your ideal setting to play look like these days?

I miss my friends in Indo it would be so fun to play with them! I also always wanted to play by a lake, just before sunrise.