AV Mix Series - GTHB

AV Mix Series - GTHB

GTHB aka GOTHHOBBIT is a deejay fully meant for the club! When parties were still a thing, she could be spotted behind the decks at raves like Horizon99, Pure Ever After and Whynot?Works. While it may be dead on the rave front these days, there seems to be no end in sight to her steady diet of fierce, fun club music and dotA.

AV021 sees her stringing together an incredibly well paced hour of power, pulling out breaks, techno, bass and industrial tracks to lace the narrative. The mixing is tight and expertly timed, condesing the arc of a classic club set through a well considered selection of high BPM bangers. Press play for a full dose of escapism, and peep the interview & tracklist below.

The Analog Vault · AV021 - GTHB

Thanks for such a solid mix! For the uninitiated, what's your story?

I first started when our friends from Horizon99 were throwing parties at Geylang and they were looking for some new people to play at the shows and so one time they asked me if I wanted to try to play and I said yes then I kinda realised I liked it so I kept doing it and a few parties later here we are.

Your sound is diverse but really focused. What draws you to your selections?

I've always listened to a lot of music since I was a teen and had a bunch of friends who were into music as well so it kinda helps create the habit of keeping an open mind when listening and selecting tracks. I always say I like fun music and bonus points if it's fast...I definitely have favourites (genre wise) but I guess I just put together whatever sounds good to me.

Sick tracklist by the way! Big fan of Rudolf C, Roza Terenzi and Daniel Avery. Can you tell us how you decided to approach this mix? Was there a context you had in mind?

Haha thanks man....uh usually for mixes I just start by basing the entire mix off either a track that I really wanna play or a mood (lately it's very trance ish), then just chuck a whole bunch of different stuff in a playlist and edit from there.

I actually did make a second set as a backup and it was more of a dub/breaks/dnb mix but idk what happened to it.

What would your most ideal place to play look like?

Somewhere on philip street was nice, I hope it's still going to be around when the clubs open. But anywhere with fog, nice lighting, well indicated emergency exits and gender neutral toilets is good for me.

Would like to try out the Zouk/Marquee sound system someday as well...

Any records from our electronic section you would recommend to people?

Errorsmithhhhhh and Antwoord. I like Modselektor too.

Last one! What’s next for you / anything you’d like to plug?

Next for me is maybe production or something idk yet I've been trying to get back to drawing more again for now but yea follow my insta/soundcloud @_gthb_/ soundcloud.com/gothhobbit

Axefield - Keep Talking
Mercurial Edge - Maruwa
Rudolf C - Wanderer
Daniel Avery - Projector - Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix
Roza Terenzi - Sxc Saloon
Shlomo - Brother (Schacke's Sis Remix)
Max Rossi - Technophobe
NBTR & Velcro - Nightcrawler
Anetha - Free Britney
DYEN - The Aftermath
Onleash - Trendsetters
Дельфин - Весна (REGAL EDIT)
Tommy HOlohan - Iced Out 3D