AV Mix Series - Daniel K

AV Mix Series - Daniel K

Our AV Mix Series returns — Number 35 comes from our very own TAV's Creative Director & Store Manager, Daniel Koh. A sprawling two hour and forty minutes plus mix that goes beyond the common trajectory by infusing the track list with moods and grooves. It expands to include rare groove, funk, jazz and soul and then heads straight into electronic territory by way of house & techno.

"It's always a daunting task to assemble a setlist of favourite tracks and condense it to an hour or two. There's so much music out there and to say this is absolutely stating the obvious. On this mix, the aim is to encapsulate the titles and genres we carry in-store and at the same time letting you in on where my headspace is with my own playlists. It's gratifying to sift through all our titles, discover gems along the way and I've been fortunate enough to do so.

Genres shouldn't exist in a vacuum but it does effectively aid in describing the artists and titles especially in a music store. So I hope this mix piques a sense of curiosity in you. Recorded in the wee hours of the morning (starting at 6am!) and stretching across multiple genres across over 2 hours. I sincerely hope you enjoy this mix and that it rewards you with each new listen." — Daniel

The Analog Vault · AV035 - Daniel K

01. Akaitori - Hotaru (Firefly) (Time Capsule)
02. Herbie Hancock - You'll Know When You Get There (Warner Bros.)
03. Kosuke Mine Quintet - Dream Eyes (Three Blind Mice)
04. Nobuo Hara and His Sharps & Flats - Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (Denon / Columbia)
05. John Coltrane - Giant Steps (Atlantic)
06. Yusef Lateef - Love Theme From Spartacus (Moodsville)
07. Stan Getz & Bill Evans - Night And Day (Verve)
08. Koichi Matsukaze Trio - Zekatsuma Selbst (ALM Records / BBE)
09. The Cinematic Orchestra - Ode To The Big Sea (Ninja Tune)
10. David Axelrod - Song Of Innocence (Capitol Records)
11. Cortex - La Rue (Disques Espérance)
12. The Mystery Kindaichi Band - 仮面舞踏会 (King Records / Wewantsounds)
13. Magdy Al Hussainy - Music de Carnaval (Pépite Records)
14. Kaytranada & Badbadnotgood - Weight Off (XL Recordings)
15. Al Massrieen - Men Awel Deqiqa (Habibi Funk Records)
16. Ayizan - Tribilasyon (AZY Inc. / Comet Records)
17. Ali Sethi & Nicolas Jaar - Muddat (Other People)
18. Shinsuke Honda - Winter Space (Studio Mule)
19. Sven Wunder- Sundown (Piano Piano)
20. Maston - Medusa (Be With Records / KPM Music)
21. Tommaso Cappellato - Celestial Coordinates (Explorare)
22. Jalen Ngonda - Come Around and Love Me (Daptone Records)
23. Fifth Of Heaven - Just a Little More (Mix Out Records)
24. Kimiko Kasai with Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You (CBS/Sony)
25. BSTC - Jazz In Outer Space (All Natural Inc. / BBE)
26. Marcel Fengler - Jaz (Ostgut Ton)
27. Brandt Brauer Frick - Bop (!K7 Records)
28. Carsten Jost - La Collectionneuse VII (Dial)
29. Frank & Tony feat. Eliana Glass - Cecile (Scissor and Thread)
30. ZG - Aura (Scissor and Thread)
31. Kin Leonn - Passageway (Kitchen)
32. Toshio Matsuura Group - Change (Brownswood Recordings / Universal)
33. Suicide - Dream Baby Dream (Long Version) (Island Records / Mute)
34. Plastikman & Chilly Gonzales - Cor Ten (In Key) (Turbo)

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