AV Mix Series - TWINHED

AV Mix Series - TWINHED

Whilst Music internet has been ruminating for the past few months over having to choose between Drum OR Bass in the current economic climate, the 25th instalment for our AV Mix Series sees generous helpings of not just DnB, but also Reggae and eclectic Rare Grooves. The sounds are supplied by none other than TWINHED, veteran of the local junglist and Drum & Bass scene, a mainstay of the former +65. Drum & Bass via Home Club, and one half of producer-duo Altered Statesmen. Mixed both on vinyl and digital, this is a journey through an extensive personal music collection informed by shifting geographies through TWINHED’s global traverses (UK, Italy, Singapore). 

The Analog Vault · AV025 - Twinhed


1. Thanks for such a great mix Justin! How are you going these days?

Just nice thanks: recently getting into and benefitting from better eating, sleeping and loving

2. Wonderful developments throughout, with really unexpected covers, that Calibre & Singing Fats classic Drop It Down, more modern sounds and thanks for ending with a TAV Essential from Massive Attack! How did you go about picking the tunes for this one?

I went through a bunch of tunes during a cleaning session and had some time, so did a recording!

3. What was the inspo behind the mix, was there a context in mind?

Just stuff I came across during a clean : ) Also a track by Altered Statesmen (a friend and I) Some mixes and production stuff here https://soundcloud.com/twinhed

4. How did you record the mix? (What time of the day was that and what gear did you use?)

Morning! SL1210 MKII with M44 tips for records, Serato control vinyl for digital tunes Pioneer DJM-700 Yamaha MSP5

5. What other sounds have you been into lately?

Dub, also revisiting my hip hop crate

6. Any upcoming gigs?