Analog Club: Aug 2021 (Ft. Intriguant)

Analog Club: Aug 2021 (Ft. Intriguant)

This month's Analog Club starts with a funky dip in the pool, going through a soulful tour, meandering through city pop territory before getting wet again in ambient and jazzland. Featuring Intriguant and his personal stash alongside TAV exclusives this month.

This edition of Analog Club is in celebration of the release of Spirits Remixed - a digital only remix album of Spirits, featuring a slew of local and regional producers. (Check the scoop on NME here!) Spirits was released right here on TAV Records in late 2020, and the remix album comes free with the original LP - available in-store and online!

Featured Records

Dip In The Pool - Aurorae

Aurorae’ was released in 1991 by Dip in the Pool, which has been re-discovered from around the world, as proven by a reissue of the album ‘On Retinae’ from an overseas labels two years ago, which was the first on vinyl! Incorporating the essence of various genres in the age of change in the 90’s in terms of music, the hybrid pop is still alive with the arrangement’s eclecticism, changing from the typical style of Dip in the Pool.

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Tatsuro Yamashita - Spacy (Intriguant's Pick!)

Recorded in 1977 shortly after Yamashita completed studio sessions in America with producer/composer Charlie Callelo, Spacy features an incredible who’s who cast of Japanese legends including Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Minako Yoshida, Kenji Ohmura, and Hiroshi Sato. All the typical Yamashita flavors are here – euphoric vocals, creative string arrangements, shimmering keyboards, funky guitar licks – the grooves on this one just hit a little harder.

Haruomi Hosono - Tropical Dandy (TAV in-store exclusive!)

Anyone previously familiar with Mac Demarco's 2018 rendition of Honey Moon would certainly find this refreshing! The original here in all its glory laying the groundwork for city pop developments to spring from - the beauty of its unpolished nature really lets the songwriting breathe alive and well till today. We're huge fans of Hosono at the vault and this is a well loved record that serves to showcase some of the most warm, imaginative bits of songwriting from the man.

Marcos Valle - Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle is one of the few artists you cannot miss if you have the slightest interest in Brazilian music. Whether your taste is focused on bossa jazz, samba, psych folk or soul, Valle has surely recorded a great album for you. This self-titled LP from 1983 is the follow-up to the great “Vontade de rever você” (1981) and his second album after moving back to Brazil. It shows all the music influences received during his US years, especially boogie, soul and funk, featuring stellar collaborators: Lincoln Olivetti & Robson Jorge on keyboards and guitar and Leon Ware on backing vocals.

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