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Marcy Playground | RSD2017

Slow Down Sounds

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Marcy Playground is the self-titled album by Marcy Playground, released on February 25, 1997 with EMI. – Wiki

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their self-titled album, this Record Store Day 2017 release includes a bonus 7" with two unreleased cover songs. Marcy Playground has never before been released on vinyl. – Press Release

""Sex and Honey", carries a much more relaxed, carefree mood; a sound which much better represents the both band's song writing style as well as the album's direction. Wozniak's casual vocal drawl is the band's greatest asset in songs like "Sex and Honey" and "Saint Joe on a School Bus". That isn't to discredit the infectious alt rock grooves of the latter, as they certainly play a lasting role in the album's appeal. "The Shadow of Seattle" is evidence of this. Though the song, like the majority of the record, is nearly all acoustic it has the most aggressive build, particularly during the choruses which convey more of a grunge sound than the rest of the album.

While the majority of their debut album is your standard alternative rock fair, Marcy Playground occasionally drifts from their established formula. In "One More Suicide" and "The Vampires of New York" the band adds folk rock elements to their music, particularly in the former, in which Wozniak puts on his best Neil Young impression. "Ancient Wall of Flowers" explores a bluesier sound, culminating with a clean guitar solo." – Sputnik Music

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Marcy Playground


Marcy Playground


Slow Down Sounds


Vinyl, LP 
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM 



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This reissue: 2017 | Original - 1997




Acoustic, Alternative Rock

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