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Kofi Flexxx
Flowers In The Dark

Native Rebel Recordings

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Kofi Flexxx is not a person, it's a new project of British artist Shabaka Hutchings, renown by his previous successful bands, The Comet Is Coming, Shabaka & the Ancestors and Sons Of Kemet. Here on Flexxx,  Shabaka acts as a producer, collecting a strong team of co-patriots, pianist Alexander Hawkins (of the Convergence Quartet and Decoy) and three young females - drummer Jas Kayser, bassist Daisy George, plus flutist Ross Harris (of today's on-the top jazz hip-hop band Speakers Corner Quartet). The line-up is supported by six guests - singers/rappers. It’s probably safe to assume that Hutchings (who also records mononymously as Shabaka) is a key conduit of this expansive, collaborative record, a jazz-adjacent work with elements of improvisation featuring many Hutchings associates.

All of Shabaka's previous music was eclectic, but this new work goes even further, almost each song is stylistically different. Repetitive African rhythms and minimalist tunes flying over them are two things uniting the album's music (and providing that specific for all of Shabaka's usual sound aesthetics). He will be retiring his principal instrument, the tenor sax, at the end of the year. — (via Jazz Music Archives)

Label: Native Rebel Recordings
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country:    UK
Released: Nov 10, 2023
Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz

File under: Modern / Future Jazz