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Eiji Nakayama
Aya's Samba

Studio Mule

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Aya’s samba was a debut effort by bassist eiji nakayama, who played as part of elvin jones’ jazz machine and toured with don friedman. This album is an important release in the johnny’s disk catalogue, not only because it is the first ever release, but also because the owner hearing the band play was the reason why the label came to be. “Aya’s samba” is a mellow jazz samba in minor key that’s considered a japanese jazz classic. slow ballad “yellow living” is drenched in melancholy with emotive keys and sax notes, while the dreamy “sea sea town” impresses with a captivating, expressive sax solo. the 4 tracker ends with “far-away road,” an uptempo tune with rhythmic keys. – Mule Musiq


 Johnny's Disk Record – JD-01, Studio Mule – STUDIO MULE 13


 Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue




 Jan 2019




 Contemporary Jazz