Yellow Magic Orchestra
Solid State Survivor | 2018 Reissue | Limited Edition

Great Tracks | Alfa

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A TAV Essential Listening Album.

“Solid State Survivor is the second album by Japanese electronic music band Yellow Magic Orchestra, released in 1979. Solid State Survivor was never released in the United States, but many of the songs from this album were compiled for release in the States as the US pressing of ×∞Multiplies (1980), including the tracks "Behind the Mask", "Rydeen", "Day Tripper", and "Technopolis". Solid State Survivor is only one of a handful of YMO albums in which the track titles do not have a Japanese equivalent.

The album was an early example of synthpop, a genre that the band helped pioneer alongside their earlier album Yellow Magic Orchestra (1978), and it also contributed to the development of techno. Solid State Survivor won the Best Album Award at the 22nd Japan Record Awards, and it sold two million records. Several songs from the album have continued to be widely covered and sampled.” – Wiki

“The trio hit their stride with second album Solid State Survivor, a brisk and confident set of synth-disco-pop that continues along the line drawn five years before by Kraftwerk. Fun-loving and breezy where Kraftwerk had been ponderous and statuesque, the album sets out YMO's template for electronic pop with less minimalism and a more varying use of synthesizer lines. The English lyrics, written by Chris Mosdell but sung by YMO themselves, make for hilarious listening especially on a cover of the Beatles' "Day Tripper."” – All Music

“you can hear them developing idiosyncratic sounds and musical approaches on the opposite side of the globe from their European contemporaries, and reaching their own fresh conclusions…

…Solid State Survivor was a giant leap forward, featuring Behind The Mask, which was later covered by Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton and the Human League. ” – The Guardian

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Yellow Magic Orchestra


Solid State Survivor


Great Tracks , Alfa


Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered



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This reissue: 28th Nov 2018 | Original: 1979




Electro, Synth-pop

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