Yan Tregger
Ducks & Drakes | 2018 Reissue

BBE Records

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“Originally released on library music label Musical Touch Sound back in 1979, ‘Ducks & Drakes’ is an instrumental disco LP by pioneering French electronic musician Yan Tregger. Reissued this year by BBE alongside his 1978 album ‘Catchy’, Ducks & Drakes has achieved cult status among crate diggers and DJs, thanks to its ebullient charm and rock-solid leftfield grooves.

Virtually impossible to find on vinyl for many years now, ‘Ducks & Drakes’ found wider allure in 2008 when Alexis Le-Tan selected album track ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ for experimental disco compilation ‘Space Oddities’. UK music hero Frankie Valentine brought these two magical albums to BBE’s attention and curated the project alongside the team.

Amazingly (especially given the era in which it was recorded) the album was almost entirely performed, produced and composed by Tregger himself. Presented with its beautiful original artwork and previously unavailable to all but a lucky few record collectors, we’re excited to share the disco-infused magic of ‘Ducks & Drakes’ with the world.” – BBE Music

“Groove heavy, disco-tinged funk, this is infectious stuff that you’d have to be lacking a pulse to not enjoy even a little. Tregger’s work as a library music composer throughout the ’70s and into the ’80s is enough by itself to ensure that his work is both unknown to many but highly sought-after by those in that special club who are aware of his work. As is par-for-the-course with library albums, most of his records were not available to the general public and were instead distributed with the intention of selling the songs contained therein to TV and film companies for use in their soundtracks. Another common trait of library albums found on both of Tregger’s albums up for reissue is the fact that musician credits are in short-supply here, which is a shame considering the quality of the playing on the album.

Even if the personal is shrouded in mystery, one thing is very clear: ‘Ducks & Drakes’ is an album performed with style, panache and an almost workman-like professionalism (lest we forget that for the session musicians used to create such albums, this was their literal day-job). The musicianship is top-notch, then, but what of Tregger’s compositional skills? Put it this way: he most definitely does not waste the talent on display.” – Gig Soup Music

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Yan Tregger


Ducks & Drakes


BBE Records


Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue



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This reissue: 1st October 2018 | Original: 1979


Electronic, Funk / Soul


Psychedelic, Disco

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