Various Artist
Future Sounds Of Jazz 14

Compost Records

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"Every year, there are a plethora of music compilations being released. Each vying for your time and attention. Many, are simply a re-packaging of the years standout hits, or to signify a ‘season’ of sorts. Without a doubt however, the ‘Future Sounds of Jazz’ compilation series is neither of the two. The series, started in 1995 by Compost Records head, and Munich based DJ Michael Reinboth, has been exclusively compiled by himself up until now, where the torch has been graciously passed on to none other than Benjamin Fröhlich & Tom Bioly. Two names which are held in high regard here at Fiction, and what make this compilation extra special. Benjamin Fröhlich & Tom Bioly own the trail-blazing, and one of Fiction’s favorite labels, Permanent Vacation, and are incredible DJ’s and producers on their own" – Fiction Lab Music

“28 tracks by Move D, Roman Flügel, Slowdive, Isolée, Cobblestone Jazz, Luke Abbott, remixes by Avalon Emerson, Russ Gabriel, Kassem Mosse, I:Cube, among others, including three exclusive and previously unreleased tracks. Wow, a new chapter of this legendary series. This and the very first time it's not compiled by Michael Reinboth, rather by Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly, the founders and masterminds behind Permanent Vacation. Why- Simply because they both are very close friends of the Compost family, with an amazing musical and DJ-like tastefulness, with the knowledge-based trust of music in the vein of vibrant, jazzy electronica hybrids. And they are from Compost Records' hometown Munich, too. Maybe Volume 14 differs slightly to what the previous 13 brought up music-wise, but that's the score, idea, and open-mindedness of this series, as it was by the compilers, and last but not least a great time for a change, too. The first half of the release, compiled by Benjamin Fröhlich, is clubbier. The second half, compiled by Tom Bioly, is a bit more sublime downbeat/electronica or relaxed feel. Both are true listening pleasure anyway. Future Sounds Of Jazz has been voted as one of the best compilation series of all time by several publications.” – Forced Exposure

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Various Artist


Future Sounds of Jazz 14


Compost Records


4x Vinyl, LP, Compilation



Release Date:

07 September 2018




Deep House, Deep Techno, Disco, Dub, Techno, Freestyle, Garage House, Tribal, Future Jazz

Catalog No:

CPT 515-1