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Uyama Hiroto
A Son Of The Sun

Hydeout Productions

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Picture the perfect summer day--your perfect summer day. The sun, it’s shinning, not beating down nor glaring in a miserable fashion, but shinning. The breeze is absolutely the way it should be, gentle, but enough to take the temperature down a couple of notches. It’s mid-evening, the cicadas are screeching, and school, work, and whatever other responsibilities seem so far away, so meaningless and minuscule. Whether it be with friends, family, or just your lonesome, this day is frighteningly perfect, so rapturously enjoyable, that not day before or after can stack up. With “81summer,” this is how A Son Of The Sun opens up, and it just stays golden from there.

That perfect summer day, a smoky lonesome pub, a water logged, dimly lit street, all these places can be found on Uyama Hiroto’s debut. The beauty lies in the moods it exudes, the moods that transport the listener, and ultimately, the moods you like to feel, the ones you so desperately strive for. You see, A Son Of The Sun is chill, cool, calm, and collected--a feel good type of record. It takes its time and has its purpose, an album blissfully self-aware.

It has the rhythm and flow of free form poetry, yet speaks very little. It’s a hip-hop record at its core, but like a handful of his Japanese contemporaries, Hiroto utilizes the smooth, fresh nature of jazz. Think the late Nujabes, with less emphasis on the “emcee” aspect, and more on the instrumentation and fusion of sounds. There’s typically so much going on, but it’s so masterfully structured, that it seems like he merely happened upon these beats and. these rhythms. A piano glissando here, and a saxophone solo there--it all feels so painfully natural.

The songs are structured in a way that it feels like a sunset. “81summer” and “Climbed Mountain” open up with more liveliness than present on the rest of the album, while each subsequent track takes this down a notch.. Added to that, nearly every song has a specific flavor. Whether it be a dash of tranquility, or a spoonful of sexy, there’s something special that makes many of the tracks standout. The beautifully place saxophone scream is such an example. It’s that little wail that sets the tone for the entire piece. It’s hectic but beautiful, especially when the subdued chanting and multifarious beats are coming from all sides. “One Dream,” a highlight of the album, has some rather incredible vocals. They’re quaint, but capture the light, loving mood perfectly. It borderlines “cheese“, but ultimately proves itself to be one of the more passionate pieces. The track “Waltz For Life Will Born,” as the name suggests, is a waltz, and there really isn’t much like it anywhere on the record. “Vision Eyes (Featuring Golden Boy)” comes around next, and is one of only two tracks to really feature a prominent vocalist. While Golden Boy isn’t mind-blowing, his unique, very streamlined performance really gives the track a certain personality, especially when taking into consideration the very well written lyrics. - Sputnik Music

Label: Hydeout Productions - HOLP-005
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Gatefold
Country: Japan
Released: 3rd November 2020
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz
Style: Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo