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“Ancient Lights’ is the debut album from Uniting of Opposites, the new musical venture from Tim Liken, Clem Alford and Ben Hazleton, bringing to life a melting pot of cultures and inspiration; using new technology as an opportunity to explore and merge aspects of jazz, electronica and traditional Indian musical styles. The band was established when, within the myriad forms of jazz, Hazleton met Alford and begun studying the classical Indian tradition in order to “open [his] ears to new melodic and rhythmic possibilities”. As a lover of all types and styles of music, Liken’s involvement fused together their collective musical journeys, creating Uniting of Opposites.

Named after the ‘Ancient Lights’ English property law, that gives home owners the right to receive natural light, the LP brings together creative musical forces, colliding to continuously redefine the music itself and express a fluidity that’s found at the heart of Uniting of Opposites’ ethos.” – Bandcamp

“Their mind-warping debut album Ancient Lights, which releases on May 18th via Brighton record label Tru Thoughts, was born out of a gathering in a London studio. Alford interprets raagas sublimely, while Liken adds layers and electronic effects over Hazleton’s rubbery basslines which almost sound like they’d find a home in any Indian classical performance. They worked with drummer Eddie Hick, clarinet player Idris Rahman, tabla player Manjeet Singh Rasiya and the voice of Marcina Arnold on the liberating title track. Right from the sound to the artwork, Ancient Lights comes across as jazz fusion (“Mints,” “Dr. Roach”) record at times, electronic fusion (“Vortex Number 9”) at other times, Sixties psychedelic (“Corridor Moves”) and fully steeped in melancholic, intense Indian classical (“The Uniting Of Opposites”).”   Rolling Stones

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Uniting of Opposites


Ancient Lights


Tru Thoughts


Vinyl, LP, Album


UK & Europe

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18th May 2018


Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Folk, World, & Country


Ambient, Drone, Psychedelic Rock, Indian Classical, Soul-Jazz, Dub

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