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Tze Toh
Memories Of 2055

Self Released

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What makes us human? Is it our ability to love, dream / create and perceive beauty? Our human intuition allows us to perceive and “understand” beauty, and most importantly connect the dots, dream and create something that never previously existed.

This album was created to celebrate and explore this intuition that I believe truly makes us human. Through the story, and also through the way the music (that tells the story) is made, I ponder - music, like life has no true form, is infinitely expansive; yet we live, frame both with our limited perception and perspectives.

The music here is fluid. Each piece is not composed in a typical symmetrical structure. Some are in fact improvised. All the pieces work together more like one larger, multi-layered coherent whole (like life itself), weaved together through 5-6 overarching musical motifs, and flow from one musical form (or “style” / “genre”) to another.

What better way to try to understand our humanity than through the eyes of an artificial intelligence, with its story told through music created in the flow? – On Bandcamp