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Challenging themselves to indulge in a wide and varied range of styles and influences stretching way beyond the traditional Two Door sound to take in Prince, Chic, Krautrock, Neo Soul and modernist pop, new album Gameshow (released October 2016) is by far Two Door Cinema Club's most enthralling record yet, albeit one full of the uncertainties of finding yourself and your place in the world.

Having spent the whole of their adult lives in each other’s pockets on a grueling ‘record-tour-promote' treadmill, the three school friends from Bangor, Northern Ireland took a self-imposed break from band life. Giving themselves space to discover their individual identities outside the band, they all realized that for Two Door Cinema Club to have any future they needed space to alleviate the increasing passive aggressive tensions within it and battle their various demons.

Dispersing to their homes around the world, the band initially began to exchange thoughts and ideas that had excited them during their break over email. Sketches of tracks and ideas being openly discussed, pulled apart and reassembled from three corners of the world, and with the air cleared, the band reconvened in LA with renowned producer Jacknife Lee (REM, U2, Bloc Party) to get in a room together and record the album.

Re-energized by their self-imposed hiatus, Gameshow is the sound of a band back in their stride, with a creative fire in their loins and a whole new centred sense of purpose. They've been to the brink, they've had their inertia. Now for the action. – Press Release

“There’s a really funky sound from the beginning (the band cite trail-blazers Prince and Bowie as inspiration and aspiration) and it makes the music a lot of fun. You can hear a lightness in Trimble’s voice, which includes some sweet falsetto, and the confidence implicit in the physical swagger of the style.

The album is fresh with synth, bells and whistles that could be part of an actual gameshow. There are some cracking verses and screeching guitar sections that will sound great live.” – The Line of Best Fit

“…the lion's share of Gameshow is filled with pulsing, neon-toned dance numbers that sound equal parts Giorgio Moroder and '70s Bee Gees. While name-dropping influences feels a bit too easy for the high quality of songwriting on display on Gameshow, the enthusiastic nature by which Two Door Cinema Club have clearly gravitated toward these old-school dance club sounds is worth mentioning…Thankfully, the album never sounds like a retro pastiche, and instead the band has found a sweet spot between vintage cool and modern sophistication.” – Allmusic

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