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Although some may pin electronic duo Thievery Corporation (Rob Garza and Eric Hilton) as the soundtrack to their cocktail infused late night soiree, the act has always drawn deep from the well of independent and confrontational music subculture their home town of Washington D.C. is known for, to produce an ever expanding globally conscious catalog of music that is difficult to classify. Their tenth studio effort, Temple of I & I, is inspired by the culture and rhythms of Jamaica and was recorded at Geejam Studios on the Island itself.

Hilton explains, "The innovation, spirit and power of Jamaican music is a constant source of creative manna for us. On the musical map, Jamaica is an entire continent. Frankly, we could have spent a year there, soaking up the vibes in the air and the strength and resilience resonating from the people. And for us, the only way to connect with this rich source of inspiration was to work in that environment – to feel the pulse of the place."

No strangers to collaboration, this time around Thievery Corporation enlists the immense talents of Zee, Racquel Jones, Notch, Mr. Lif, Lou Lou Ghelichkhani, Shana Halligan, Elin Melgarejo and Puma, to create yet another mystical and impassioned sonic brew. Preceded by the redolent anthems "Let The Chalice Blaze" and "Letter to the Editor." – Press Release

“As the majority of their releases attest, Thievery Corporation have been heavily influenced by Jamaican music, and their latest release, The Temple of I & I, is no exception. Settling in Port Antonio, Jamaica in early 2015, Garza and Hilton set to work laying the foundation for this LP, using the sounds of the island as influence for their brand of lounge-y downtempo (a style they've incorporated elements of reggae, bossa nova, jazz and Middle Eastern music into over the years). Newcomer Racquel Jones found her way onto the album after encountering the duo on their first trip to Port Antonio, her forward delivery helping push the album's political undercurrent on tracks like "Letter to the Editor" and reggae-punched "Road Block."” – Exclaim!

“The Temple of I & I sees them not only going back to the source of their inspiration, imbuing their trip hop sound with old-school Jamaican rhythms, but also moving it forward with the inclusion of some MC and rap vocals.

On paper it sounds like an odd combination, but coming through the speakers it sounds spectacular. The trippy beats, swirling echoes, and reverb-heavy grooves we expect and love are spiced up with enough cultural stylings to keep it fresh and topical and as imaginative as the ultra-cool cover art.” – Under The Radar

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