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I See You is the third studio album by English indie pop band The xx. It was released worldwide on 13 January 2017 through the Young Turks label. It is the follow-up to their sophomore album Coexist, and is their first release in more than four years.

The band announced the album while announcing frequent collaborator Rodaidh McDonald for its production and reportedly working on it on May 2014. Member Jamie xx released his solo debut In Colour in May 2015 and reflected that it would influence the sound and aesthetic of I See You.

The band has stated that the record has a more distinctive sound and a more positive, open and "expansive" concept than the previous two albums. It was promoted with the lead single; "On Hold", released 12 November 2016. The album received widespread acclaim from critics, many of whom praised the xx's change in musical direction. – Wiki

“I See You, the third album by the xx, attempts to incorporate everyone’s talents into a new version of their sound, one true to their roots but richer and more varied…

“Performance” and “Brave for You” both feel like classic xx songs—they are naked and spare, with hints of strings and Madley Croft’s guitar and a whole lot of silence. About a third of the album works with stripped-down, open arrangements like this, while others make judicious use of samples and layers of synths and sequencers. “Dangerous” opens the album with a startling blast of a horns that returns on the chorus as a counterpoint melody. “A Violent Noise” has a winding and surging cluster of arpeggiating notes that explode at all the right moments—something of a Jamie xx trademark—and the production brilliantly traces the emotional arc of the song.” – Pitchfork

“While the album still revolves around Madley-Croft and Sim’s intimate vocals and the kind of distinctive Madley-Croft guitar lines that pop artists spent much of last year ripping off, I See You is noticeably more sample-driven than its predecessors: loops of vocals (in the case of On Hold, from Hall and Oates’ 1982 hit I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)) abound. Elsewhere, there are four-to-the-floor beats chugging along at the same pace as tropical house (another genre that appears to have drawn on the xx’s reverb-heavy sound and Smith’s love of a steel-pan sample) and A Violent Noise, on which the emotional impact of Sim’s lyric about disillusionment, fear and isolation in the middle of a dancefloor is heightened not just by Madley-Croft’s brief, affecting appearance in the role of concerned friend (“I hope you silence the noise”), but also by the musical backing. An icy synthesiser melds with her distorted guitar, playing something that sounds not unlike the hands-in-the-air riff from an EDM hit echoing beatlessly around an empty club: the effect is to drain it of its euphoria and leave something strangely melancholy in its place.” – The Guardian


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