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The Weeknd
Dawn FM

Republic Records

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Dawn FM is a concept album, sort of. In interviews, Tesfaye has said that the album plays like listening to a kind of adult contemporary radio station as you sit in a traffic jam in the tunnel, only the tunnel is purgatory and the light at the end of the tunnel is death. For the most part, Tesfaye earns this framework—he doesn’t toss out half–baked theories on the meaning of life as much as he prods at the looming dread and terror inherent to it. He filled his early-career songs with metaphorical self-destruction; on “Gasoline,” he sings about setting himself on fire: “It’s 5 a.m./I’m nihilist/I know there’s nothing after this,” he drones in a disarming British accent, bluntly summarizing his entire discography. His previous itch was for drugged-out oblivion, but Dawn FM is all about annihilation. Interspersed with his real-life neighbor Jim Carrey playing a blissed-out radio DJ and parody commercials for the afterlife, Dawn FM takes the Weeknd on a literal death drive. - Pitchfork

Label: XO – B0035096-01, Republic Records – B0035096-01
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Worldwide
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Funk / Soul, Non-Music, Pop
Style: Contemporary R&B, Spoken Word, Disco, Synthwave, New Wave, Dance-pop, Synth-pop