The Avalanches
Wildflower | Deluxe Edition

Modular Recordings / Astralwerks

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A TAV Curator’s Pick.

“Maybe you forget about the unprecedented sixteen-year gap between albums and all the revolutions the world has made during that time. Forget about Since I Left You perfectly capturing the hazy mil-lennial zeitgeist and how the band’s rare live shows invariably ended in total chaos or broken limbs.

Constructed from woozy harmonics, infectious rhythm tracks and the dangled clauses of archival field recordings, Wildflower feels almost narcotic when followed from start to end (this is categorically not a record to play on shuffle). On repeated listens, the record gradually reveals a whole new world of ho-bo folklore, comedic pioneers and traveller musicians.

Wildflower – the album – is nothing less than a journey into a kaleidoscopic secret world of sound; a wormhole that leads to a place most of us didn’t even realize existed. It’s a timeless, untouchable, glo-riously affectionate celebration of those musical mavericks who never gave a damn what anyone else thought.” - The Avalanches Official Website

“At its best, Wildflower feels like an extension of Since I Left You, hewing close to its predecessor in terms of style, sound, approach, and texture—you would never mistake this for an album by anyone else. The Avalanches make music that’s open, welcoming, soft, gentle; the track construction is virtuosic, but it never wants to show off, and the beat-jacking never feels competitive. In addition to the found sounds, the album has a lot of new instrumentation, most of it presented to mix seamlessly with the samples.” - Pitchfork

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The Avalanches




Modular Recordings / Astralwerks


2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, 180 gram
CD, Album


UK & Europe

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Electronica, Hip Hop


Abstract, Experimental, Breaks

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