Sound Directions [Madlib]
The Funky Side Of Life

Stones Throw Records

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The Funky Side of Life is a jazz album released by Madlib's Jazz project under the alias of Sound Directions. It features Madlib playing different instruments under different aliases as part of a single group. This album was released in 2005 under Stones Throw Records.

“Madlib's Sound Directions project follows in the footsteps of Yesterdays New Quintet by presenting a small group of jazz players (most, if not all of them, Otis Jackson himself) loosely playing a down-home and funky brand of jazz music perfectly suited for a hip lounge. The Funky Side of Life is heavy on the covers -- not standards -- and that makes a big difference. (Jackson usually just needs a good riff to cover his vamping style of keyboards, and this roster of tracks services his needs perfectly.)

The lo-fi lurch of nearly all Madlib's work is in effect here, and besides the rather anonymous atmosphere of the recording, it's an enjoyable piece of latter-day jazz-funk by rap's most visionary music-maker.” - AllMusic

“Upon hearing the four original pieces on the 30-minute long player, Madlib's compositional force is cemented as nothing short of exceptional. The other seven tracks highlight the Loop Digga's fortified skill as an arranger and producer, and his mellow, yet tripped out creations are modern masterpieces in their own right. Part of it is that this album sounds like it's from an alternate reality of the '70s, which is interesting, considering at least a few of the tracks were first released in the mid to late 90s. There's something natural and earthy about the sound; it almost has the qualities of an old dollar-bin record with the grooves worn down, but without as much hiss or unintentional noise. Another part of it is just how the album feels as a whole. The tracks flow together seamlessly, and when "On the Hill" finally cuts out, you'll be so bummed that the album isn't longer that you just might be inspired to start your own sound direction.” - Tiny Mix Tapes

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Sound Directions [ Madlib ]


The Funky Side Of Life


Stones Throw Records


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