Shuggie Otis
Inspiration Information | 2013 Reissue

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“Shuggie Otis' fourth and last album Inspiration Information exists out of time -- a record that was of its time, but didn't belong of it; a record that was idiosyncratic but not necessarily visionary. It was psychedelic soul that was released far too late to be part of any zeitgeist and it was buried at the time. Yet no matter what Luaka Bop's grand poobah David Byrne claims on the sticker -- he says Shuggie's "trippy R&B jams are equal to Marvin's and Curtis', but somehow more contemporary sounding...closer to D'Angelo meets DJ Shadow" -- this isn't revolutionary. It can occasionally sound modern, such as on the rolling head trip "XL-30," but only because it's the kind of groove Shadow would sample and build on; the slow, liquid instrumental head trips sound the same way. Perhaps that's why it can seem more contemporary -- contemporary ears are more attuned to these relaxed, warmly trippy soundscapes. Otis crafted all of this essentially alone, playing each instrument himself, and it's quite clearly a reflection of his inner psyche, and no matter how much it floats and skates upon its own sound, it's a welcoming, inviting sound.” – All Music

“"Shuggie Otis should have been a West Coast superstar, a genius, a musical wizard of the highest order." – Patrick Forge. Back in 1971, the Los Angeles son of blues legend Johnny Otis began work on his psychedelic soul masterpiece Inspiration Information. It was an album that looked destined to become a cornerstone in 70s soul, from a young man with all the right connections. Three years in the making and released by the major label Epic, the album slipped away into obscurity however, after its title track floundered in the lower reaches of the Billboard 200. The LP's futuristic use of drum machines, synths and uniquely off key sound proved too advanced for the mainstream. It wasn't until the mid 90s through DJs like Patrick Forge and Gilles Peterson that Inspiration Information got the exposure it deserved, becoming something of a cult item amongst those heads digging for something deeper.” – The Quietus

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Shuggie Otis


Inspiration Information


Music On Vinyl


Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 gram



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This reissue: 2013 | Original: 1974


Electronic, Rock, Funk / Soul


Blues Rock, Funk, Psychedelic

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