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Samutek ‎
Omamy | Tape Release

Evening Chants

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In what is best described as “horror musique concrète”, Polish multidisciplinary artist and musician Samutek has composed a 47-minute album that emits a distinctive, hypnotic aura — intricately developed and mastered over the years. Ingrained with echoes of gongs, chimes, crickets, drones and a plethora of haunted sounds recorded and found, “Omamy” (Polish for “Hallucinations”) is the soundtrack of a phantasmagoric spiral, summoning an unceasing terror usually conjured in cinematic works like Ari Aster’s Midsommar and The Blair Witch Project.


A recent Masters graduate with a thesis on the paranormal, centering around 19th century spirit photography, ufo photography and thoughtography, Samutek continues this expressive exchange through sound. With a towering 31 albums under his belt, “Omamy”, his first official album release on a label, is his most distinguished and fully-formed piece of work to date. Each track serves as distinct chapters in a haunting nine-part anecdote — a hallucinatory experience narrated through spectral harmonies. 


“Omamy” is an invitation to Samutek’s peculiar world of horror storytelling, a result of his personal explorations of the supernatural. Be prepared for a strange and uncomfortable experience that will leave you spellbound. – Evening Chants

Label: Evening Chants ‎– EC004

Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition

Country: Singapore

Released: 25 Sep 2020

Genre: Electronic

Style: Experimental