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Rival Consoles - Night Melody


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Rival Consoles - Night Melody


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“Night Melody sounds less like a batch of new musical ideas from London artist Ryan West than a direct continuation of last year's Howl, his third album for Erased Tapes. As such, the detailed, emotive electronica of artists like Jon Hopkins and Clark still looms over this six-track mini-album, and the mood of each piece sticks to a narrow range between quietly brooding and vaguely anthemic. But it's not only business as usual for Rival Consoles. In small pockets and slight gestures, distinctive traits emerge from West's symphonic electronics.” - Resident Advisor

“Ironically, West folded some of the rhythms and sensibilities of deep house, a genre he openly derided a year ago via Twitter, on Howl, and he continues that interpolation on Night Melody. Whatever his ambivalence about deep house as a genre, the results on both records are winning, particularly on Night Melody’s titular track. The invigorating pulse of four-on-the-floor dance has loosened up his music and given it a freedom it was missing before..."

"...With Howl, West transitioned Rival Consoles from skilled also-ran to forward-thinking electronic musician with his own ideas about sound. Night Melody goes one step further: This an album of songs, not sounds; feelings, not ideas. It’s not easy to tell stories without words, but West has been working long and hard enough to hit that point where his wordless miniatures convey as much as some albums.” - Pitchfork 


Rival Consoles


Night Melody


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Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album 



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05 Aug 2016




Experimental, IDM

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