One Little Indian

Poppy Ackroyd – Escapement


One Little Indian

Poppy Ackroyd – Escapement


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“On Escapement every sound, with the exception of a few field recordings, is created using only either the piano or the violin. The songs are a combination of piano melodies and chords – played both conventionally or created inside the piano using fingers, e-bows and plectrums – violin textures, melodies and pizzicato riffs and finally delicate beats composed of hits, plucks, taps and scrapes made using hands, drumsticks, beaters and small cymbals on either the frame, strings or dampers of the piano. There are often five or more different percussive lines working alongside each other. In order to compose in this way, Poppy had to learn how to record and produce the music herself. Having discovered and restored a beautiful but neglected grand piano, she bought a laptop, digital recorder and speakers. Everything from the piano is recorded in her home studio with just this one microphone.” – Poppy Ackroyd

“…here feels incredibly organic. Perhaps that's because Ackroyd's approach to playing her instruments is often unconventional. She regularly employs mallets, her hands, or an e-bow on the strings of the piano to create a percussive or glissando effect. Likewise she will gently scrape, pick, pluck, or rub her violin's strings to get a desired sound. Sometimes the outside -- the wood -- of her instruments is used, as are the piano's pedals. The end result feels fluid, intimate, delicate. Check opener "Aliquot," as piano keys and a strummed string introduce a repetitive motif for violin, which is built upon with both her bow and finger plucking. The hint of melody is more pronounced than the melody itself, but is wrapped in seamless layers that use space and a restrained dynamic palette. Even as its sections shift continually, the result is haunting, nearly magical.” – All Music 

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Poppy Ackroyd




One Little Indian


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26th July 2017





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