One Little Indian

Poppy Ackroyd – Sketches


One Little Indian

Poppy Ackroyd – Sketches


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“Sketches serves to reintroduce listeners to Ackroyd’s most stunning pieces from her previous albums, all of which have been reworked into ‘acoustic’ solo piano arrangements, along with four brand new, unheard pieces. Talking about the recording of Sketches, Ackroyd said: “The songs were recorded just outside of Brighton at Retreat Studios, close to the sea on the edge of the village, surrounded by hills, fields and wildlife. As if by magic, it began to rain just before I began to record the track ‘Rain’, and ended shortly after I finished. You can hear the rain build and then die away with the music on the finished piece. “I have loved creating this solo piano album. There are normally all these layers that I use to create a world of sound, that I love to build and sculpt, but there is something really special about communicating simply through the instrument alone. With other layers there is always something to hide behind, with only the piano you can just focus on your technique and expression, everything feels very audible and exposed and that is very exciting, especially in a live context. – Poppy Ackroyd

“On Sketches, she presents her pieces in solo piano form. Field recordings are still present on select pieces; naturally, "Birdwoman," "Glass Sea," and "Rain" feature the sounds of birds, a body of water, and rainfall, respectively. Ackroyd's playing is highly nuanced and delicate, and she's able to gracefully flow from sweet, hopeful melodies to more sad, haunting ones. "Time" is a particular standout, rippling from fear to ecstasy without sounding jarring or conflicted.” – All Music

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One Little Indian


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4th August 2017





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