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Pharoah Sanders – Izipho Zam (My Gifts) | 2017 Reissue


Everland Jazz

Pharoah Sanders – Izipho Zam (My Gifts) | 2017 Reissue


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“Two years after the death of his mentor and boss, John Coltrane, and just before signing his own contract with Impulse!, Pharoah Sanders finally got around to releasing an album as a leader apart from the Impulse! family. Enlisting a cast of characters no less than 13 in number, Sanders proved that his time with Coltrane and his Impulse! debut, Tauhid, was not a fluke. Though hated by many of the jazz musicians at the time -- and more jazz critics who felt Coltrane had lost his way musically the minute he put together the final quintet -- Sanders followed his own muse to the edges of Eastern music and sometimes completely outside the borderlines of what could be called jazz. That said, Izipho Zam is a wonderful recording, full of the depth of vision and heartfelt soul that has informed every recording of Sanders since. Guests include Sonny Sharrock, Lonnie Liston Smith, Chief Bey, Cecil McBee, Sirone, Sonny Fortune, Billy Hart, Howard Johnson, and others. The set begins with a gorgeous soul tune in "Prince of Peace," with Leon Thomas doing his trademark yodel, croon, and wail as Smith, McBee, and Hart back him and Sanders fills the gaps. Next is "Balance," the first blowing tune on the set, with the African drums, the modal horns, and Sanders' microtonal investigations of sonic polarity contrasted with Johnson's tuba, leaving the rhythm section to join him as Sharrock and Smith trade drone lines and Sanders turns it into a Latin dance from outer space about halfway through to the end -- it's astonishing.” – All Music

“Pharoah Sanders’ Izipho Zam was one of albums that Jordan had laid to tape, in hopes of dragging jazz past its pre-established, calcified borders. The sessions were something of a statement of purpose for Sanders himself, a declaration of sovereignty. He was breaking away from Impulse!, the safe haven vanguard of jazz recording of the era, and at the same time, taking a respectful step out of the shadow of long-time mentor and friend John Coltrane, who had spearheaded Sanders’ stylish rise through the studio ranks, and who’d died just two years before Izipho Zam’s recording (put to tape in 1969, the LP wouldn’t see release until 1973). – Sputnik Music

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Pharoah Sanders


Izipho Zam (My Gifts)


Everland Jazz ‎– Everland Jazz 003


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This reissue: 14th July 2017 | Original: 1973




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Everland Jazz 003