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Phantom Ghost
Pardon My English


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Phantom Ghost is a moody, haunting, mysterious, film-obsessed collaborative effort between Dirk Von Lowtzow (or Phantom, who has also participated in the band Tocotronic) and Thies Mynther (or Ghost, who has also participated in the bands Stella and Superpunk). The German duo is infatuated with echoes from the past and how they affect the present, and they apply that to their electronic productions with use of organic instrumentation like pianos and strings. 

Thies and Dirk describes this 5th LP: "We started out writing new material to perform on stage, after we had found out it was great fun to refrain our instrumentation to vocals, piano and bad acting. Originally very attracted to the, as our label told us the very clandestine idea of releasing three 12"s with very limited playability for DJs, we agreed not to ruin our Dial friends and work on an album instead. The topics we have always been drawn to are those with a bouquet of rather ominous sweetness, but this time to get rid of some of the ghosts conjured up during our séances proved not as easy as it is hopefully now easy on the ears to listen to this condensed summary of our insights. Some wonderful guests helped us through the mirror: our associated member, visual artist Michaela Meise, lends us her bell-like voice. She joins in the second bird hymn in the history of Phantom/Ghost, 'In The Tittery,' and embodies the role of the lonely concubine in our micro musical 'Phantom Of The Operette.'

The amazing violin / cello player Boram Lie, founding member of the Kaleidoskop Ensemble, currently also performing with Brandt Brauer Frick and the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, gave the dead golems of cello arrangements we handed her so carelessly a life and expressivity we would not have dreamed of. Always operating on the verge of our capabilities ourselves (sometimes you might hear a groan on the piano track), we needed to finish the album with a rusty trombone performed with the fragile resoluteness of someone experienced in self-display, but just getting acquainted with the instrument. We found the perfect cast in actor Thomas Niehaus who accepted the challenge in the most elegant way. But we invite you herewith to decide for yourself whether you would like to join us for the ride..."

Label: Dial
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 2012
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Indie Rock

File under: Indie / Alternative / Pop