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Peggy Gou - Once


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Peggy Gou - Once


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"She’s the giraffe-loving Korean DJ and producer who’s faced down misogyny, won over her traditional family and become one of the best-loved new stars in dance music. Welcome to the age of Gou-mania. Peggy Gou is everywhere right now. She's a touring selector that plays in every corner of the world, she's a highly-regarded, fresher than fresh producer who's just dropped a stellar EP via Ninja tune and and her Instagram shows off a keen eye for style and fashion." - Mixmag

"To make house music is to walk a fine line between the template and the tangent—between all the things that make house music recognizable as such (the beat, the groove, the repetition) and the things that make a given track stand out across a long, foggy night beneath the disco ball. Peggy Gou has only been putting out music for a couple of years, but the South Korea-born, Berlin-based producer has already proven herself an expert navigator of that balancing act. The best Gou tracks take house music’s familiar form and splash it with color until it’s as splotchy as a tie-dyed piece of fabric. Take “Day Without Yesterday,” from a 2016 12” for London’s Phonica White label. The sound is familiar, with a rippling groove and lush chords that evoke canonical producers like Pépé Bradock and Maurice Fulton. But the sprightly walking bassline and trembling synth chords give the song ample character, ensuring that when you hear it on a dancefloor, mixed in with dozens of songs cut from similar cloth, you’re going to take notice. Likewise, in “Rose,” while her shouted invocations (“Like me! Like you! Like all of us!”) would normally take the spotlight in a club track, they pale alongside the many layers of bright synths and contrasting textures. It’s a clever bit of sleight-of-hand." - Pitchfork

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Peggy Gou




Ninja Tune


Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP 



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02 Mar 2018





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