The Odd Tape

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The Odd Tape revolves around the rhythms of the artist’s daily life. It starts in the morning with “Alarmed,” that sounds like if Shuggie Otis did a psychedelic eye-opening cover of Nas’ “Shootouts.” It rolls through “Right Side of the Bed,” with its glitter-gold sax lines, loose drums, and sunshine-slanting-through-the-blinds keyboards. Oddisee went from sampling to creating the eternal sounds of his original inspirations. You can hear older gods like Roy Ayers, Bob James, and Fela, but mostly you hear Oddisee continue to come into his own.

As Pitchfork described his previous album, 2015’s The Good Fight: “the music feels distinctly international and unhindered, far removed from the straight-ahead boom-bap he used to make. He’s always created on his own terms, but [this] feels like a hearty "fuck you" to prevailing groupthink and the industry’s creative limitations.”

But this record marks another ascension. It glides, meditates, and simmers from “Alarmed” to “Still Sleeping.” The soundtrack to his coffee in the morning, a trip to the corner store for fresh groceries, producing in the afternoon, cruising his bike through the city for inspiration, late afternoon song writing, stepping out into the evening with friends, hookah on the rooftop in Brooklyn, and settling into the dream world again. This is the Odd Tape, life as you’ve never heard it before. - Oddisee

“For more than a decade, Oddisee has been out here grinding. Raised in Prince George's County, Maryland, and now based in Brooklyn, he's a beatmaker by nature and a rapper when he feels the need to be. The base of his style has been the same since day one: a light touch of jazz spread over a soul-injected, golden-era hip-hop inflected foundation. At this point, producing looks to come easy to him. Exhibits A through C: An EP, Alwasta, that dropped in March; a full-length solo effort to come this fall; and this instrumental album, The Odd Tape, out next week. The Odd Tape is anything but. Evenly weighted from front to back, there's never an off moment, or even a precarious one. The en-tire project is balanced and comfortable — and he acts like it's a lazy day in the life of somebody who deserves one. The titles of the songs read like a weekend to-do list: Wake up, create, chill for a minute, turn up, hit the sack, ruminate.” - NPR

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The Odd Tape


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