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Nouvelle Vague

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Nouvelle Vague, a French cover band led by musicians and producers Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux. Features a large revolving cast of mostly female vocalists such as successful solo artists Camille, Phoebe Killdeer, Mélanie Pain, and Nadéah Miranda.

‘On their debut, Nouvelle Vague took cherished tracks from the late 1970s and early 1980s by acts such as Joy Division, The Clash, The Cure, Depeche Mode and the Dead Kennedys and reworked them in a gentle bossa nova style. Sung by French female vocalists, some of whom had never heard the originals before, these cult hits had new life breathed into them, and their meanings became softly subverted. In French, Nouvelle Vague means “new wave”, and “bossa nova” in Portuguese. Even the records’ sleeves wittily referenced the artwork for Jean Luc Godard’s early-’60s new-wave films.

“The original concept of Nouvelle Vague was to use young girl singers who don’t know the meaning of punk and post-punk music,” says Marc Collin, in whose Paris studio the records are made. “That way, they are bringing something new and totally fresh to the songs, and it really worked. So we kept doing it in this direction.” ’ – Peacefrog Records

“French bossa nova duo re-imagines new wave classics with the help of vocalists unfamiliar with the 80s originals. … The supposed ignorance of the singers plays well for this record's lack of irony, a big part of what makes it succeed as a well-meaning, well-executed novelty. Nouvelle Vague put their most sacrilegious foot forward, opening the album with a cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart". With the sounds of the tide heard behind the strums of a nylon-string guitar and vocalist Eloise adding playful, bouncy accents to Ian Curtis' weighty lyric, this is frothy, effervescent pop with a touristy feel but no trace of the original's weight…. Nouvelle Vague certainly treat genre with the same casual respect as their source material-- they're unafraid to add French pop, cocktail jazz, or trip-hop overtones to their bossa nova template.” – Pitchfork


Tracklist :

Love Will Tear Us Apart | 3:18

Just Can't Get Enough | 3:07

In A Manner Of Speaking | 3:58

Guns Of Brixton | 4:06

This Is Not A Love Song | 3:47

Too Drunk To Fuck | 2:16

Marian | 3:53

Making Plans For Nigel | 3:32

A Forest | 3:39

I Melt With You | 4:00

Teenage Kicks | 2:13

Psyche | 4:12

Friday Night Saturday Morning | 2:23


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Nouvelle Vague


Nouvelle Vague


Peacefrog Records


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This reissue: 2015 | Original - 2004




Bossa Nova, French Electronica

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