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“Nils experienced an unfortunate accident, which saw him fall from his bunk bed located directly above his studio, which resulted in a broken thumb. But through inspiration from his fans and despite the 4 screws that had just been surgically placed inside his thumb, he started recording with 9 fingers, which later resulted in 9 intimate piano recordings.” - Nils Frahm Bandcamp

“Screws, which Frahm has made available to download for free to mark his birthday, is the product of 9 nights of playing songs with 9 fingers, recorded with a single microphone just before Frahm went to bed. Shorn of the layers or flittering electronics of last year’s magnificent Felt, what remains is a meditative, intimate and melancholy work that, despite the minimal set up, reveal more in the course of half an hour than many other artists do over multiple, sprawling discs. Every creak, echo or moment of sustain feels deliberate, and while the arrangements are sparse, each intake of breath or crackle gives the record a real comforting warmth. As the record progresses the melancholy gives way to a sense of positivity and possibility, with ‘La’ and ‘Si’’s delicate playing proving to be particularly uplifting.” - The Line of Best Fit

About Nils Frahm:

“Nils Frahm had an early introduction to music. During his childhood he was taught to play piano. It was through this that Nils began to immerse himself in the styles of the classical pianists before him as well as contemporary composers.

Today Nils Frahm works as an accomplished composer and producer from his Berlin-based Durton Studio. His unconventional approach to an age-old instrument, played contemplatively and intimately, has won him many fans around the world. For a musician this early in his career, Frahm displays an incredibly developed sense of control and restraint in his work, catching the ear of many fans.

As the recognition continues to grow for his previous solo piano works 'Wintermusik' (2009) and ‘The Bells’ (2009), 2011 saw the release of his critically acclaimed record 'Felt' on Erased Tapes Records. The album was followed by the solo synthesiser EP 'Juno' and 'Screws' (2012) – a birthday gift to his fans he recorded while recovering from a thumb injury. Nils released his follow up to Juno titled 'Juno Reworked' (2013) with guest reworks by Luke Abbott and Clark.

Nils returned with his new album 'Spaces' in 2013 to much critical acclaim, expressing his love for experimentation and answering the call from his fans for a record that truly reflects what they have witnessed during his concerts. Nils Frahm also released his first music book, entitled 'Sheets Eins' in this year.

In 2015 Nils announced Piano Day. An official body created by Nils and his closest friends to celebrate the piano and to house various and exciting, piano-related projects. The first project revealed by the Piano Day team is the building of what will be world’s tallest piano: the Klavins 450.” – Erased Tapes Records

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Nils Frahm




Erased Tapes Records


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