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Nils Frahm
Electric Piano


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Nils Frahm’s ‘Electric Piano’ is one of three albums of rare early recordings, many of which have been unobtainable for years, some of which have never been released at all, and none of which have ever appeared on streaming services. All the three records of early works reveal a fascinating glimpse into an era of Frahm’s work known until now only to diehard and longstanding fans. ‘Electric Piano’ contains seven tracks originally released as a download in 2008.

“The studio we used in south Berlin was more like a shitty rehearsal room,” Frahm recalls of the single night on which ‘Electric Piano’ was put together. “The whole place stank of cheap cleaning products, we had no natural light, and it was damp and smelly. We took the first bus home at four or five in the morning, and I remember that we felt like it had been a good day. But when I heard it all again, I didn’t feel so confident.” With his judgement perhaps clouded by chemical fumes, Frahm was being unnecessarily sceptical: the album features seven fragile, graceful compositions which provide a clear signpost towards his future. “Now I’ve rediscovered it,” he concludes, “I feel grateful this exists, because it truly sounds like someone different I can’t ever bring back. I’m happy I play differently now, but hearing this side of me makes me sentimental…” - Bandcamp

Label: Leiter
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Europe
Released: 22 April 2022
Genre: Jazz, Classical
Style: Neo-Classical, Contemporary, Free Improv, Modern