NehruvianDOOM [Bishop Nehru + MF Doom]
NehruvianDOOM [ Sound Of The Son ]

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“MF Doom, New York’s metal-faced grand master of interlaced, heavy-weight beats and flows has found himself a new partner in crime: the 18-years-old newcomer Bishop Nehru.

After he had been the opener for the Wu Tang Clan’s Europe Tour, Bishop Nehru is having yet another consecration through his collaboration with MF Doom. Together, they have founded NehruvianDOOM and have released the record "Sound Of The Son".

In contrast to the mask man’s other late releases, this nine-track-album has taken the reversed way: Doom is the man for the productions, and except for a few lyrical masterstrokes, he has left the mic to the youngster. And what a presence this Bishop Nehru has at the mic, considering that his flow is not far away from Doom himself. The track »Disastrous« is exceptional in this way – the direct confrontation reveals their alikeness, even though the young MC’s voice is less coarse and much more even; that is: more smooth.

In addition, the comparison to Nas seems likely to draw, who is the one responsible for Nehru’s new label-home. When Nas released his debut »Illmatic«, he, too, was only 19 years old, and they didn’t call him extremely talented for nothing. "Sound Of The Son", after his first two mix tapes pretty much Bishop Nehru’s debut-LP, excels through Doom’s dry and pumping beat-surroundings, standing in the tradition of his "Special Herbs" and giving the relaxed (yet nonchalant) raps a perfect neighboring.” -

“"The future is looking increasingly bright for New York lyricist. Bishop Nehru’s reign of success continues on NehruvianDOOM, a collaborative effort between Bishop and famed masked producer/rapper, MF DOOM. one can’t help but tip their snapback to an MC that is demonstrating vast potential." XXL

"Nehru is unashamedly precocious - with a sharp flow that blends Rakim's focus Mos Def's lightness of touch... with hooks that lodge deep in your skull." Mojo

"A super dope album bursting at the seams with ill rhymes from DOOM and his young disciple over classic out-there production from Metal Face himself." Exclaim” – Lex Records


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NehruvianDOOM [ Bishop Nehru + MF Doom ]


NehruvianDOOM (Sound Of The Son)


Lex Records


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