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Mouse On The Keys
An Anxious Object


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Imagine a world saw through concepts and geometrical forms, with its specters and somewhat tangible atmospheres that one time or another may appear similar to a strange talking, as the things suddenly can speak by themselves. This synesthesia feeling is perhaps included in very musical style, since it's very easy to a sound to make remember colors of certain periods of life or just molding the general mood to a singular form.


Mouse on the keys bring this general sense of forms and colors in a strong and self-conscious way, sometimes you feel the sensation of listening to the sound of a geometrical form or maybe to a white and blue environment, fog and dawn or just lack of hope. The song titles help a lot to incite this abstract sound-tracks with names as “Completed Nihilism”, “Dirty Realism” or just “Soil”. They bring also songs as “Double Bind” and “Ouroboros” which make tangible in esthetic senses what may be thought as ways of thinking metaphorically concepts as the infinity.


Well, this sounds very cerebral or just too modern art related, and it actually is in some senses but never losing itself in a too elitist and conceptual environment. That happens because even being mathematical sometimes, it never loses the sense of melody or exaggerate too much in the experimental side of the songs. Actually it's very accessible for people used to jazz or post-rock: good groovy percussion, moments of ambient ornamentation and strong jazz improvisations (mostly piano ones) can be found all across the album. Colorful and delicate notes are mixed with strong dissonant chords and large drumming work. – Sputnik Music

Label: P-Vine Records – PLP-7766

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

Country: Japan

Released: 26 Jan 2022

Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Rock

Style: Fusion, Contemporary Jazz