More Moondog | 2009 Reissue

4 Men With Beards

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“Moondog's second Prestige album solidified his standing as a rare breed: a musician whose work was both highly experimental and approachable by listeners without a taste for the avant-garde. That's what enabled him to make a living as a street musician in Manhattan, after all. On this album he produced a variety of wonderful shaking percussion sounds and rhythms with an oo (a triangular stringed instrument struck with a clave) and even "Ostrich Feathers Played on Drum" (as the title on one track reads). The percussion is sometimes backed by sparse, Asian-sounding melodies, and there are also unpredictable interludes of solo piano, street sounds, and an eight-minute "Moondog Monologue." One of the round-like vocal numbers, the minute-long and inexpressibly sad "All Is Loneliness," found an unexpected second life in the 1960s when it was covered by Big Brother & the Holding Company.” – All Music

“In 1956 and 1957, Moondog recorded three albums for the Prestige label, then second only to Blue Note in importance on the US jazz scene. The association introduced Moondog to a new, progressively-inclined audience. More Moondog has been acknowledged by Philip Glass as an early influence on both himself and co-minimalist pioneer Steve Reich when the pair were studying composition at New York’s Juilliard School. Another celebrity endorsement came from the late Frank Zappa, who said that the track ‘Autumn’ inspired him to form the Mothers of Invention in the mid 1960s.” – The Vinyl Factory

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More Moondog


4 Men With Beards


Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 Gr



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This reissue: 2009 | Original: 1956


Electronic, Jazz


Abstract, Experimental

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