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Unexpected Guests [Compilation]

Metal Face

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Unexpected Guests is a compilation album by hip hop artist MF DOOM, released under the shortened pseudonym DOOM. The album is made up of a collection of songs performed by, produced by or featuring DOOM and previously released at various points throughout his career. Unexpected Guests was released under the label Gold Dust Media (Studio !K7). – Wiki

“DOOM is notorious for embarrassing his own guest rappers on his CDs, but this isn't the case for once on this CD. This is a collection of guest features that mostly hold their own alongside DOOM. Whether it was connecting with emcee greats like Talib Kweli and GZA or legendary producers like J Dilla, this CD turns out to hold a collection of some of DOOM’s best beats and lyrics overall, and if you know anything about DOOM you are already downloading this by now. While Unexpected Guests might not stack up to classics like MM.. Food or Madvillainy overall, on many tracks it replicates the comic book atmosphere and lyrical brilliance that only DOOM is capable of pulling off.” – Sputnik Music

“It’s surprisingly well-mixed and cohesive for an album that spans almost his entire career. And he made sure to lessen the impact of any abrupt cuts between tracks. For example, there is the one heard as “Sniper Elite”, which was meant to be part of the DillaDOOM project, bleeds into “Yikes” by Scienz of Life. Instead of being a cluttered mess, the supervillain handled the transition perfectly and it’s relatively smooth. On top of all that, the DOOM even threw some more old school Fantastic Four samples into the mix for good measure. As a result of all the aforementioned editing, this plays much more like an album than a compilation.” – Popmatters

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Unexpected Guests


Metal Face Records


2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Reissue



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This reissue: 2016 | Original – 2009


Hip Hop

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