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Lost In The Trees ‎
A Church That Fits Our Needs

Anti- / Trekky Records

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At its best pop music can contribute to culture by begging such questions and realizing its inability as a medium to provide thorough or satisfying answers. At its worst it can seduce the masses into banality, distraction, and despair. This kind of album is an example of the best kind. Some may overlook this release because of its blatant contemplation of death and the assumption of an afterlife. And I am sure there will be conflicting opinions among critics about whether or not this album is too therapeutic, but great art is both particular and universal. This is that. On one level it may lack some of the grit and hook of a classic album, but it still does a fabulous job of begging questions of deepest meaning. It imagines a life bigger and beyond the cesspools we live in, but it also speaks to the beauty in everyday existence. It is a hopeful reminder that pop music has the power and relevance to comment on ultimate things in a meaningful way. Ari and friends seem convinced that death is more about the possibility of slipping into a new story than ceasing to be. This may be one of the best records of the year so far. - Pop Matters

rds – ANTI-87168-1
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Country: US
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock