Original Jazz Classics [OJC]

Kenny Dorham – Quiet Kenny


Original Jazz Classics [OJC]

Kenny Dorham – Quiet Kenny


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Quiet Kenny is an album by the American jazz trumpeter Kenny Dorham of performances recorded in 1959 and originally released on the New Jazz label.

“McKinley Howard "Kenny" Dorham (1924 –1972) was an American jazz trumpeter, singer, and composer born in Fairfield, Texas. Dorham's talent is frequently lauded by critics and other musicians, but he never received the kind of attention or public recognition from the jazz establishment that many of his peers did. For this reason, writer Gary Giddins said that Dorham's name has become "virtually synonymous with underrated." Dorham also composed the jazz standard "Blue Bossa," which first appeared on Joe Henderson's album Page One.  - Wiki

“The title of the 1959 date, Quiet Kenny, is almost redundant, less descriptive of the session than of Dorham himself, who plays no differently here than in the explosive groups of Blakey or Silver. Thoughtful, playful, lyrical but never effusive, Dorham is, as Dan Morgenstern calls him in the notes for this latest RVG edition, the most "poetic" of trumpet players.

The playing is on a level with Dorham's best work elsewhere (Whistle Stop, Blue Note, 1961; Una Mas, Blue Note, 1963), but there are two undeniable bonuses: Dorham's is the only horn, giving him more valuable time to tell his compelling stories; and the pianist is Tommy Flanagan, whose dynamically nuanced, carefully sculpted lines are the perfect match for the trumpet's exquisitely crafted statements.” - All About Jazz

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Kenny Dorham


Quiet Kenny


Original Jazz Classics [OJC]


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This reissue: 2009 | Original - 1959




Hard Bop, Trumpet

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