Keith Jarrett Trio
Still Live

ECM Records

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A TAV Essential Listening Album.

Still Live is a live album by American pianist Keith Jarrett's "Standards Trio" featuring Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette recorded in concert in July, 1986 at the Philharmonic Hall in Munich and released on the ECM label. This double LP recording includes songs like "My Funny Valentine," "Autumn Leaves," "Someday My Prince Will Come," and more.

Keith Jarrett is an American pianist and composer who performs both jazz and classical music. Jarrett started his career with Art Blakey, moving on to play with Charles Lloyd and Miles Davis. Since the early 1970s he has enjoyed a great deal of success as a group leader and a solo performer in jazz, jazz fusion, and classical music. His improvisations draw from the traditions of jazz and other genres, especially Western classical music, gospel, blues, and ethnic folk music.

In 2003, Jarrett received the Polar Music Prize, the first (and to this day only) recipient not to share the prize with a co-recipient, and in 2004 he received the Léonie Sonning Music Prize. In 2008, he was inducted into the Down Beat Hall of Fame in the magazine's 73rd Annual Readers' Poll. – Press Release


“Mentioning the Keith Jarrett Trio and virtuosity in the same sentence is like breathing out after breathing in. That being said, none of said virtuosity would mean very much without the potent skeletons around which Jarrett, Gary Peacock, and Jack DeJohnette string their veins and flesh. This particular trio has always laid its performances at the altar of melody, the music’s A to Z, and the respect shows in every moment.

“My Funny Valentine” opens this 1986 date from Munich, where a crowd had the great fortune (let’s get this straight right away) of witnessing one of the finest trio sets in history. Jarrett’s unmistakable intro plows a field of harmonic possibility and hauls its crop through the dazzle of DeJohnette’s peripheral tracings. Jarrett sings with the ecstatic pain of his exposition, unfolding a chip carving of interlocking geometries. A change of angle from an unnamable light source imparts soloed secrets. Another brings us back into the fold of those solemn keys, each a window into another full instrument…

Peacock and DeJohnette are instinctively attuned to every interstice of Jarrett’s architecture. Their unity has arguably never meshed so closely as it does here. It seems impossible that this trio could have ever hit a single wrong note, and one finds nothing but perfection at every turn throughout Still Live. It is, in fact, one of the most magical live recordings in ECM’s annals, both in terms of content and technicality. Jarrett and company know just how to let loose without ever breaking seams. It is this holding together that keeps us wanting more. The Keith Jarrett Trio exemplifies the pinnacle of the art by living the art of the pinnacle.” – ECM Reviews

Featured artists:

  • Keith Jarrett - Piano
  • Gary Peacock - Double-Bass
  • Jack DeJohnette - Drums


  1. My Funny Valentine
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. When I Fall In Love
  4. The Song is You
  5. Come Rain or Come Shine
  6. Late Lament
  7. You and The Night and The Music
  8. Extension
  9. Intro
  10. Someday My Prince Will Come
  11. Billie's Bounce
  12. I Remember Clifford

 Item description:


Keith Jarrett Trio


Still Live


ECM Records


2 × Vinyl, LP, Reissue, 180g



Release Date:

This reissue: 2010 | Original – 1988


Jazz, Live 


Post Bop, Piano

Catalog No:

ECM 1360/61 | 835 008-1