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Futuro Tumbao II

Darker Than Wax

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Three years after his Darker Than Wax debut Futuro Tumbao (supported by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Lefto, and Bandcamp Weekly), Kansado returns with a sequel that goes further to introduce fresh new takes on Latin soul. If Futuro Tumbao represented testing the waters of future afro-Cuban music, Futuro Tumbao II is a full-on submersion and exploration into this fusion. Based in uptown New York City, Dominican-American producer Kansado is rooted in the hub of a flourishing afro-latin independent music scene. Kansado fuses the rhythms of the Caribbean and Latin soul with the left field sensibilities of hip hop, neo soul, and lofi to create a musical language all his own.

‘Futuro’ is Spanish for future and ‘Tumbao’ carries two meanings: One, the base rhythm found in afro-Cuban music, and two, swagger. Standout tracks ‘Limber de Coco’ and ‘Suave Como Va’ quote the smooth progressions of latin soul greats Poncho Sanchez and Tito Puente, all the while blurring the lines between the new and traditional - Latin soul meets future funk. ‘El Neo Songo’ and ‘Astral Yambú’ offer a meditative space where the folkloric forms of songo and rumba blend seamlessly into neo soul and jazz. ‘Lala Guayaba’ takes you to the heart of the Dominican Republic and lays wavy synths and guitars over a thumping side chained tambora - introducing a future beat sensibility to merengue.

Futuro Tumbao II is both a love letter to the future of afro-latin music, as well as a strong statement about Kansado’s growth as an artist. With a meticulous approach to songwriting and production, and a reverence for the artists and genres that have inspired him, Kansado has carved out a musical lane all his own. – Darker Than Wax


Darker Than Wax


Vinyl, EP


UK, Singapore




Modern / Future Jazz


Modern / Future Jazz, Electronic, Downtempo