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“1961 classic Jazz album. Coltrane's combo stretches out with inspired improvisations from Eric Dolphy, Freddie Hubbard, McCoy Tyner and of course the maestro himself.

Once again John Coltrane proves his appreciable musical skills by ultimately advancing the entire Jazz-art-form with Olé.

The title track is striking in resemblance to the Spanish influence heard on Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain, although Olé takes this vibe a bit further; Coltrane's combo stretches out with inspired improvisations from Dolphy, Hubbard, Tyner, and of course Coltrane, respectively. The haunting beauty of "Aisha" stands as one of the finest collaborative efforts between Tyner - the song's author - and Coltrane. Another fine classic Jazz release by Music On Vinyl indeed.” - Music On Vinyl

“In the original liner notes, he is quoted as saying (in a classic understatement), "I like to play long." On the 18-minute showpiece "Olé," one can imagine the profound satisfaction he must have felt, when for the first time, he was free to let his playing stretch out across the record grooves. This is trance music of the highest order. Recorded one year after his former boss Miles Davis released Sketches of Spain , Trane's "Olé" resonates with the mystical sounds of the North African Moors who once ruled the Iberian Peninsula. While Sketches of Spain is big on Gil Evans' sweeping orchestrations and flamenco grandeur, "Olé" explores the Eastern-influenced musical modes of Islamic Spain in a more stripped down and earthy manner.

A transitional record, Olé Coltrane successfully navigates the line between Trane's sonically challenging later years and his earlier accessibility. A magnificent milestone in Trane's artistic growth, this is an essential recording for any collection.” - All About Jazz


  • John Coltrane, soprano sax, tenor sax
  • George Lane, flute, alto sax
  • Freddie Hubbard, trumpet
  • McCoy Tyner, piano
  • Reggie Workman, bass
  • Art Davis, bass
  • Elvin Jones, drums

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John Coltrane


Olé Coltrane


Music On Vinyl / Atlantic


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This reissue: 2013 | Original - 1961




Free Jazz

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