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Blue Train | 4LP Box Set

Classic Records

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Arguably one of the most influential titles from Coltrane and one of the greatest Blue Note releases ever. In 1957, right at the very start of his Prestige recording period, 'Trane did this one-off set in New Jersey with Rudy Van Gelder with historic results. The recent reissue abundance of the title, re-packaged and enhanced in many ways, reveals the reverence put upon these sides. Transferred from the first-generation two-track masters. Now available on Classic Records Clarity Vinyl SVP-II 200-gram as a single-sided 45-RPM deluxe box set release.

Clarity Vinyl represents the ultimate in vinyl formulations because it is comprised of over 90 percent of the highest quality co-polymer available – a key component in vinyl pellets used for manufacturing vinyl records. Further, Clarity Vinyl has no carbon black additive, common in vinyl formulas for LPs. Carbon black contains trace metals that become magnetized and cause "electrical distortions" in cartridges during playback that smears the sound. By taking out the Carbon Black, Classic Records is able to dramatically reduce the "electrical distortions" and thus bring more "Clarity" to the playback process, providing a more realistic musical experience to the listener and LP enthusiast. 45-RPM records have long been recognized as providing a higher fidelity musical experience resulting purely from the cartridge being able to extract more of the nuance from the complex vertical and horizontal groove modulations in stereo LPs. Further, Classic Records 45-RPM single-sided pressings dramatically reduce the mechanical resonances created by the cartridge during playback by allowing these resonances to be more fully transmitted to and absorbed by the turntable platter. Classic Records Clarity Vinyl 45-RPM pressings are designed and manufactured to provide the lowest distortion in every aspect of LP playback resulting in putting the listener as close to the music as possible. – Liner Notes

Label: Blue Note – BST81577, Classic Records – BST-81577-45

Series: Clarity SV-P II 45 RPM Series

Format: 4 x Vinyl, 12", Album, 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Single Sided, Remastered, Stereo, Clear, Box Set

Country: US

Released: 1 Oct 2008

Genre: Jazz

Style: Hard Bop