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The Best of Play Bach

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Pianist/composer Jacques Loussier has been swinging the classics for more than four decades now - ever since he formed the Play Bach Trio in the late '50s, when the union of his classical background with his interest in jazz created a remarkable success story with more than six million units sold world wide. 

Jacques Loussier and his Play Bach series are a two-fold living legend; Jacques’ music and performances bridge and amalgamate the classical and jazz genres, exemplifying the glory of each. His unique artistry is loved by audiophiles and by classical and jazz listeners alike. 

He recorded his first Play Bach album in 1959; since then, he has recorded some 50 albums and, in fact, continues doing so. The recording industry is hard pressed to find another example of any music produced with such unsurpassed creativity and quality for a sustained 60 years. – Music Direct

“Postmodernism has been kinder to Loussier, and this remake of the original band's big hits (with Vincent Charbonnier on bass and Andre Arpino on drums) confirms that the dizzying symmetries of Bach and the asymmetrical spontaneities of jazz are better balanced in Loussier than was thought.” – The Guardian

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Jacques Loussier Trio


The Best of Play Bach


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