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Ibrahim Maalouf
10 ans de Live !

Mi'ster Productions

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"What a pleasure it's been over the past decade to look out and see audiences full of both newcomers and familiar faces, coming together to share music and each other's company!


Since 2006, seven tours and over 1,000 concerts in France and abroad, I feel like I've spent more time with you than with my own family. Indeed, you've become family - the most beautiful family imaginable. You've given me the purist artistic freedom, allowing me to take risks, explore any and every musical direction, even when they range wildly from one CD to the next and from one night to the next. Often, my live performances didn't feature music from the just-released album or the music you had expected to hear. And yet every time I was received with smiles, warm applause and open hearts.


It's thanks to you that I've found joy and fulfillment in music. Those concerts when you, my musicians and I shared so much are moments of grace. It's during these moments that I feel belonging, that I feel I've found my place in this sometimes hostile world. Ten years ago, those who would become my closest friends and collaborators asked me what I wanted, and I told them I wanted to share music, concerts, emotions, desires, hybrid styles, multitudes of musical directions, and above all, love. I dreamed of all this a decade ago… and it came true!


Thanks to this circle of people, their gracious help and astute stewardship I've been able to respond to the richness and emotion of life as simply as possible. First and foremost, my manager of 10 years, Jean-Louis Perrier. He helped me found my own record label, Mi'ster Productions. My thanks also to the person who introduced me to him, Alejandra Norambuena Skira (director of SACEM's endowment grants), and so many other kind and talented souls... This album is a way of remembering beautiful moments. I wanted to gather them together so I'd never forget just how lucky I am to have crossed your paths."  – Ibrahim Maalouf

Label: Mi'ster Productions – IBM16

Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album

Country: France

Released: 16 Oct 2016

Genre: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical

Style: Jazz-Rock